My Story

I create beauty, or I try to make more of it!


There is something different about the way I look a the world that most people miss, and I’d like to think it’s potential. Raised in a small town in Connecticut, my parents were both artists, in their own form. My father, built a business from the ground up, but his hobbies consisted of building things in general. He was a blue collar guy, with aspiration. His major contribution outside of work was handcrafting rock walls, which if you understand the art of masonry, you’d understand this is usually not a hobby.

Labor intensive masterpieces became my obsession as well. I don’t chisel rocks, but I do see the potential in the ordinary. He gets credit for the unusual way I see the world.

My mother, was a complicated feature in my life, but has taught me how to pursue passion, and step out of my comfort zone. My mother is an artist, she’s written a book, she’s always been persistent, and while it’s often a struggle to see eye to eye on most things, I credit her with my taste in fine arts, and the finer things in life, in general.The talents of my parents have made a big impact in shaping who I am today. Being emotionally intelligent, in a home with a lot of emotions, was how I began to find my path.

I’m an only child.

From a young age I understood that treating people with kindness, and working hard were fundamental. I strive to be a good person, and try to collaborate with those who inspire me. I have a lot of ideas… but not just one concept. Every Now and Then as a concept grew out of the idea that people don’t want just one thing, all the time. I know I don’t!


Now, I help friends create the beauty they are looking for. I’ve consulted on interior designs, events, and general decor. I’ve always had a passion for food/wine and local products. I’m working on a children’s book, coming soon! Beauty is made with passion, and an audience. I believe that anyone big or small has talent, and what they decide to make of their talents becomes their reality. There are so many talented people all around us, but who have no way to put it on display, I’m working to create a space for music, food, spirits, and art, that changes every now and then.


Every Now and Then is a brand I’ve considered for many years, as a lifestyle. Part of the fun of Every Now & Then is weaving together the old, the new, and the possibilities of the unexpected. It’s about being open to different ideas, and trying new things. It’s about community, and things we don’t have access to all the time. It’s about hope, love, and kindness for each other. If we support each other, locally, we can make a difference. Everyone wants to stand up for something, and I stand up for beauty! Together we can create beauty.