The Law of “Fake it til you Make it”

I started this blog about 2 years ago, with the intentions of doing some kind of event planning, which I quickly decided wasn’t the right fit, how did I come to this conclusion? Well, a couple of reasons, but mainly because I realized the reward was not as exhilarating as the hype. I guess I expected work to be something like this, “Robyn, even from childhood would do (insert thing I was really passionate about), and it was clear then that she would also be an (insert passion again).”

After hiring a terrific career coach, I truly expected someone to tell me “What I was MEANT to do” and I learned, there is no perfect answer. In some ways I was disappointed to discover that, but as it turns out, one skill does not define you! Mark Langford my career coach, also a former CEO, hiring manager, near death experience-er, (and bonus points for Harvard business school,) has a book, that really is a terrific read, called Thank God It’s Wednesday!

So I set off on a journey to find my passion, and here’s what happend….

The truth is, doing pretty flower arrangements, setting tables, planning a meal or making a town wide event really felt good because, I am, by nature, a people pleaser. So as such, I should have already known that I would be disappointed in the responses of those who I had aimed to please.

I realized that despite my greatest intentions I couldn’t make a living on my “party planning passion” and it wouldn’t be the right fit for me (my passion is clearly not singular). I guess the reason I decided this was both, negative self talk but also MAYBE this wasn’t my passion after all? So how do you know?

Strike 1.

I still plan on killing it at thanksgiving,  and yes I still enjoy all that goes along with the process of planning an event…

Now, “Taco Tuesday “, is still over the top. Yes that is a mahi mahi taco, with fresh chopped salsa and creme fraiche . So what? Those things may seem frivolous but they make me happy. I like to feel like what I do, and work for is exactly as good as it looks. It feels good to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Sometimes, other times it tastes better when someone else makes it, it really depends on the mood.

That’s why having your taco and eating it too is so important. Who else can appreciate the taco like you can? The world is your taco! Make it with all the toppings…

(Enough life lessons and Taco joys)

Getting back to the long winded explanation of the creative process… I moved on to interior designer, that’s my ‘passion’ I know it! I have a good eye, I know what other people want (people pleaser), and I can do it! Then I found out, Pinterest and HGTV really give false expectations on a few things.

Reasons not to believe anything Pinterest or HGTV tells you:(a short list)

  1. Popcorn ceiling isn’t just spray,scrape repaint. It’s messy disgusting and it never comes off clean!! Who invented popcorn ceiling? The devil, that’s who!
  2. Ripping out carpet does not always turn up beautiful (just needs some wax) flooring, sometimes it’s subfloor shit and you need to buy new flooring… lesson learned.
  3. Not everything can be solved with coconut oil, apple cider vinegar and other life hacks, sometimes you need an electrician,so you don’t blow the power out of your whole 2nd floor while cooking the thanksgiving meal..(some other time I’ll explain)
  4. No one ever looks human during demolition and the final “touches” of fairy dust and pillow fluff is actually sleeping, because you’re dead.

NO ONE is casually invested in flipping a house, and been able to get through it without complications, and nor have they had the luxury of tying up $600,000 in capital, in the process. Just saying… I still love designing spaces but I know one thing, it’s not my “thing”.

Another strike.

I can’t help but feel like the process has made things very interesting. I know my strengths, and my weaknesses. Many lessons are learned through the process of finding ones passion, I’d advise someone to enjoy that process. I know I have. Though I don’t know that I’m the person to explain HOW to find ones, passion, I will tell you it’s not always singular. I would argue that because we are such complex individuals, there is no way to assign only one passion out ourselves, nor should we.

So now what? Focus on what’s next, nor what is forever…

Am I living my passion? Mostly

Am I getting everything I want out of life? YES.

In order to find your happiness, or your “passion” or whatever it is you are looking for, you have to start by putting yourself out there, trying new things, and faking it until you make it! 

Also, know that the process, is just as important as the outcome!

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The Fresh Summer 17′ -860 Scene. 

So for this summer here in the 860, I decided to come up with a list of places and things I wanted to do. With so much going on in the summer in a state that has 80 degree April days followed by 35 degree May days, you have to be prepared for anything. A nice day is an opportunity for an adventure!

Where to get fresh local foods and goodies?

So for starters there are some amazing farmers markets in my area, and a great one just a short drive from here in Coventry. Sundays! I’ll be there. If you don’t know, now you know!

Even closer to home, in East Hampton,Old Bank Flowers in the historic village, hosts a farmers market on Main st every Saturday. Their information for farmers market hours is on Facebook. I have not been yet but I’m sure it will be a nice little market! Lori (the owner) does a phenomenal job and is well connected with local craftmen and vendors.

If these destinations are too far, find your local farmers market, I promise you won’t be disappointed in how much better the ingredients taste!

Farmers Markets in CT

Farms are the new “thing”.

Amazing chefs are getting excited about the return to the fields. Max group and Billy Grant’s restaraunt have both been involved for a couple years with this program. They go to local farms, and serve up amazing creations right at the farm for people to enjoy Al fresco ! The addition I’m excited about, is a chef for the restaraunt chain in We-ha Treva/ Avert and their newest Mediterranean restaurant. It’s clear this restaurant group knows their food, in different genres, not that Max and Grant don’t, it’s just a new player on the chef scene! There are so many options, and so little time!

Speaking of farms, there’s a super cool versitile farm that keeps upping the ante! Carter Hill Farm has a little bit of everything for everyone, and it’s super cute because it was created by a couple, who initially wanted to restore the mobile-gas station on the historic Route 66 to its former glory!

The couple bought the property, created this beautiful New England landscape, then they started adding awesomeness! The Spicy Green Bean a restaraunt out of Glastonbury teamed up and opened an open air dining cafe called Goats and Roses  at the farm, and have opened for nice weather days only, so far! They have vintage car shows, drive in movie nights and so much more! I’m stoked about how versatile and community driven this place is! It’s on the list!

Every year we pack a picnic and head to either the CT wine trail and have a little picnic with a bottle of local wine. We have been really excited lately about the beer scene though and all the ct breweries popping up. The Fat Orange Cat is among our favorite in East Hampton,CT. They are definetly getting noticed by the beer advocate and they have a really cute cat on the label!  Check them out The Fat Orange Cat Brew co! Or any of the tastes brews on the  CT beer trail!

If you want to eat out, why not be on an amazing rooftop!?

Cava in Southington,CT. Why do I love this place so much? First of all, I worked for them for 10 years, and I still love them. Second, my best friend designed and created this amazing space. There is no other like it in the state. I will be there many, many times. From the crawford underlit “ceiling”, with the stars twinkling in between, to the fountain with flames, this place is/ has everything. The Greco-Miami vibe is like being in another country or on vacation. You will not be disappointed!

See for yourself Cava’s rooftop is a show stopper!

Downtown East Haddam and the Good Speed Opera House

On my way to dinner for my birthday, we drove through this historic, charming, downtown center. We will be back! They have amazing antique stores, a super cute ice cream shop and the Goodspeed Opera House!

Fun fact: The Goodspeed Opera house was the birth place of the famous musical Annie, among a few other greats! It overlooks the Connecticut River and it seems like the perfect place for a date night!

This is a little vintage charm, and that is what New England is the best at! History and charm make for one fun afternoon.

Have a cultural experience! 

Every year since I was born I’ve attended the annual St. George Greek Orthodox Festival. When I got old enough to drive, all my friends would pile in the car. Soon it became a regular summer occasion! The Greek fest marks the beginning of summer for me…. and hopefully for others too!

It happens to be this weekend June 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Check out details!

The Hispanic festival in Hartford sounds like a real party in late June! Great food, great music, dancing, and right in Hartford, Vamos!!!

There’s a ton of other really fun events on CTnow for other ideas for cultural immersion!

Let the fun begin!

There are a bunch of really fun hiking trails, beaches, and outdoor activities, but that’s for another time! Stay tuned for the great outdoor adventure plans on the horizon. I hope some of you have found this helpful and enjoy the fruits of the great state of Connecticut!

Let the summer food, drinks and local fun begin!

Are you on the local scene?

In the last 10 years we’ve seen a shift, maybe a sutble movement but nevertheless a change. We want local! Why? Well because It’s better that’s why! When you shop locally you feel a sense of community, you support a family not a stock holder and you get an arguably better product. Depending on where you live, you probably have more opportunities to shop locally than you think. Walmart is not the only option.

Connecticut is a hybrid of big names and small business. For the most part you can find anything you want simply by going on Amazon but if you take the time you can probably do better at a local store.

The craft beer movement is here, and sorry Budweiser but we really like the flavor.

When you buy locally crafted beer you are supporting a community, a mission, and you know that those guys gave it their best shot.  Hanging Hills Brewing company is a locally made beer located on  the same street in hartford my grandmother lived on when I was a child. Well so what? The reason I point this out is the cities in Connecticut have been over run with poverty, violence and for the majority of folks the only reason to go to Hartford’s outskirts is if you have a restaraunt or bar in mind. There is typically no reason to go outside the downtown area unless you live there, because it’s seen as a dangerous place.

The reality is, this beer garden set right off the highway was packed with like minded middle class people who just wanted to take a break from the day to day and have a beer. We even saw the weather man and his crew hanging out!

Farm to table or as I like to call it, the only way to eat!

When you walk into a Whole Foods, it’s arguably better than stop and shop, but when you walk into a farm stand, it’s the top of the tier. There is no delivery, there are no additives, the product was plucked from the dirt and placed in its respective bin with like-items. In other words if you have an opportunity to go to a farm stand, farmers market or grow your own produce, then you should. That is all.

Fresh food is the ultimate luxury. If you are willing to spend $80 on moisturizer or make up and you stuff yourself with blue dye #5, then you will need to invest a lot more money in healthcare later…  What you eat is so important for your present and future! It’s also 10x tastier than a mass produced vegetable that didn’t have adequate time to ripen and was pumped full of fake ness.

The other thing about fresh food is that the farmers who produce these products work hard, and we should collaboratively support our farmers here in the US but specifically in our communities. No farms, no food! I promise if you buy a tomato from a supermarket, and one grown from a local grower, you will never want to buy another supermarket tomato again. The flavor speaks for itself.

 When we build together we grow together!

Do something local, it will always be more rewarding.
I’m not a socialist, I am however a big fan of empowering our fellow man. If everyone supported each other’s great gifts to society then our communities would be common again. Here in Connecticut the majority of towns have some “center of town” local stops, but for the mom and pop shops it’s a dying market.

Communities are based on kids,and schools, where they used to be built for the needs of families as a whole. Technology has brought availability but as for the center of town, there is no incentive to buy local, because it’s easier to get free shipping.

If parents of children are the only ones getting involved with community projects which are propogated by their kids PTA meetings what about the other percentage of the population? What inspires people to get involved or support their local craftsmen/ business owners etc?

Certainly it’s not cheaper to buy local verses going to Walmart. I will say this about that, if you don’t support your towns businesses your community will suffer. The economy will suffer. And ultimately the future will be big conglomerates with no voice.

I grew up in Marlborough CT from childhood to adulthood. I watched places that were staples of the town go out of business because of lack of support from the town. The Tavern in town was a bar that George Washington went to and was an icon of the town. It was a sad day when they closed their doors. A super market, a pharmacy and a number of other businesses have been lost to the big brands in the center of Marlborough and businesses don’t want to come in because of the hostile environment of the town, and of the state. It’s those businesses that keep the town funding and those businesses that bring hope for the future of the town. It’s these small towns that make up the state and ultimately the country. If we let the small businesses fall prey to big businesses what hope do kids have for entrepreneurial futures?

If we don’t support eachother in a local community then Rome as we know it will fall victim to corporations who don’t care, who don’t give back, and who have their own agenda. If we had more small town support for small business, the future would be made of people who want to build things, not grow up and work in a city.

Moral of the story, try something local, get out and meet the owner of your local coffee shop, go into the store you’ve been driving past for the last 2 years, you’ll be glad you did.

Because… winter is coming…

When I feel overwhelmed and I do often, I turn my anxiety into beauty. I think I’ve always used this as a defense mechanism, but as it turns out it’s a great way to avoid burnout!

I usually have a mental checklist of ideas I want to put together but every so often I find something and I think hmmm…that would make a nice accent for my (insert  random room in a home).

So after having a combo work, thanksgiving host, friendsgiving host and cleaning my house 4 times in 5 days… I let my creative freak flag fly!

Here was the result….

This literally cost me nothing. I used chalk to design the lettering which came out different than I expected but I’m pleased.

I found this peice of wood in my “I’ll do something with this someday” pile, sanded it, distressed the edges and added hooks.

After it was finished I was planning to attach a bell that I had laying around in my Christmas stuff, but it needed more…

So I gave it a flower and some glitter and boom, Winter will be welcomed on my front door.

How are you guys making life more sparkly? Leave me some feedback!

6 Steps to a Thoughtful Event

1. Plan plan plan…if you don’t have a plan… You should hire a pro.

There’s a few key elements of a fabulous party… The first thing you need is a date. People have lives and so do you, so give them plenty of time to rsvp.

If you want this party to be a success send out a real invitation, no Facebook, email, or texting please. It’s just not as effective as a mailed invitation. Plus they allow people to post it on their fridge or in their calendar so they don’t forget!

Paper invitations add taste and flare to your event, it’s a timeless tradition, don’t skip this step.

I’ve been recently fond of the invitations matching the theme, but that’s a personal preference. They don’t have to be fancy, just in writing and in the mail!

Depending on where you have it you may need to confirm your headcount, and you will need to know your headcount for planning food/ booze so don’t skimp on this very important detail.

This is the most crucial peice of the process but don’t worry… Just make sure to thoroughly count your rsvp’s and make sure to advance the rsvp date at least a week (minimum) before your event.

If you are hosting with a caterer they will need a headcount by a specific time, the same goes for an event held at a remote site.

2. Have a theme.

For every occasion there can be an overlapping theme, cause or design scheme. Whether you are hosting a birthday party for a 6 year old (who knows what they want) or you are preparing for a bridal shower, have a theme, it’ll look much more put together.

My mother recently retired from her job. Her life was quite interesting, she’s an artist, she used to teach art classes when she stayed at home raising me, so her theme was clearly art inspired. She not only taught art, but her topic of interest and the theme she painted the most was beach inspired landscapes…

Which coincidentally brought me to my next theme, the beach… Where she was moving to… So!!!! “The art of retirement” was the theme, and I incorporated art and beach themes in unison.

My friend Melissa made this beautiful cake from scratch. It was tasty too!!!

Once you have a theme, everything falls into place: food, decor, booze, everything!!!

3. You don’t have to pay a million dollars to have a fabulous party, just make sure there is food and booze.

Based on your number of people, your guests taste and your theme you have to build a menu.

I typically stick with wine and beer because it’s well received by anyone. Vodka is a taste, gin is a taste and generally people have different preferences but if they don’t like wine or beer… There’s always soft drinks.

Consider about 1/2 bottle of wine per person and 2-3 beers per person. You’ll probably have left over booze but that’s okay! Some places will let you return unopened bottles, but you can regift it or just save it for your next function!

Present the booze or just stick it in a cooler it all depends on your crowd… You know a backyard barbecue does not necessitate the level of preparation as a shower or a milestone event.

The food has to be good. You can’t have a good party without good food. All other things may fail but a good scallop wrapped in bacon never fails! (Just an example, many people do not care for bacon or seafood.) You must know your audience.

You need to know your crowd enough to know if they are picky, if they are upscale or if they are laid back. Ideally, easy crowds are the best but usually you have a few of the picky and classy type mixed in. Pick items that are staple foods either of the culture you/ your crowd is, or just straight American classics.

Your menu should have 3 elements appetizers, main entree type foods, and dessert. Obviously if it’s a cocktail party this may not apply but you want to have a couple light apps, a couple hot apps, and light and hot foods for the main course. Dessert is easy, anything and everything goes, except ice cream that’s a commitment.
I chose to make all my food from scratch, but if you have it catered chances are they will suggest more but you don’t need to have it all, especially on a budget.

Levels are important. You have to have food on the bottom and food on the top otherwise the display has failed.

We chose cheese, meats and crackers, deviled eggs,  antipasti skewers, bacon wrapped scallops and shrimp cocktail.

As you can see there’s some decor mixed onto the display it helps give wholesome theme flavor throughout the party.

4. Don’t stress.Make signs instead!

People are instruction oriented, they need direction, they crave order, they need signs for things so they don’t mess it up. The social pressure at the party is high, don’t make people feel stupid trying to figure out where to start on the table or how to scoop the salad dressing. No one likes to admit it, but people don’t usually think like a host… They need to know what to do.

Signs are pretty, they make your life easier and people feel better knowing they didn’t mess everything up!

Especially if there is a guest book or a special game in place. Directions are necessary!

You can make them jazzy or straight forward but it’s also a conversation peice so think about it before you put it on the table.

5. Every detail counts. If it didn’t matter it wouldn’t be there… 

Here’s a list: (how mine starts anyway)




Silverware or plasticware

Paper or plastic in general for all materials.


Think of this as a general concept. The detail can be as intense or as simple as necessary.

Personally I know every table needs a runner and a centerpeice, to make theme cohesive.

They don’t have to be fancy, I took books off my bookshelf, mason jars, wild flowers, shells and then I staggered them with different colored / sized glass containers.

I wanted it to be reminiscent of reading and relaxing on the beach with nature and lots of different colors. I incorporated the beach artist with a New England type of feel. I’m pretty sure I nailed it.

Each table had spray painted copper cans with paint brushes in them, and fun facts with photographs of all my mom’s achievements. Luckily I had a lot of material.

Oh I also had the party in the location where she taught art for 15 years, a small gallery in town. It’s all about the thoughtful details.

6. Have help because you can’t do it alone if you want to pull it off. 

Don’t think for a second that 100% of the work was done by me, even though I’d like to take credit for it. I simply knew what I wanted it to look like, and I directed people accordingly.

I had help to place the food, pour the ice, move the tables and chairs and all the heavy lifting in general. If you don’t have help, you will never want to do another party again. You have to be a team player and you have to assign duties, trust me it’ll save you a headache.

7. Just because you are the host doesn’t mean you can’t party!!!

Part of the fun of a party is relishing in your hard work but also in visiting with friends and family. Make your menus easy and your beverages easy so you can set it up and leave it alone. Don’t forget to enjoy the beautiful event you have created!

You may not be able to stand up by the end of the running around, but sit back and relax with a glass of wine and take in the energy of a group of happy people midway through an event that you made happen.

Don’t forget to accept compliments and remember that the point of celebrating is to honor life’s moments, with people who you love. Take the stress out of the equation and you will be a natural!

Cheers you party animal you!

Center on Pieces

The planning is underway for the Jack and Jill of my dear friend Jessica and her fiancé Brandon. I’ve been dazzling and crafting to make the perfect decor for their event. It’s a 1920s prohibition, rustic underground party. Aka fabulous with some burlap and glitter.

These are just a few of  the ideas, we have spinning around.

How to Make a Fabulous Garland 

First pick your theme.

Then here is a list of materials:

  1. Garland of any length
  2. White lights
  3. Colored plastic ornament balls in either 2 or 3 colors. These are cheap at Walmart
  4. You’ll need wire hooks for the ornaments.
  5. One color material (I used purple) sheer and and sparkly is ideal, you may need 3-5 yards but it depends on the length of your Garland so be mindful.
  6. Get a package of snowflakes or other “filler” type ornaments, make sure these are the opposite color of the material.
  7. You can use a sting of pearls or beads in lieu of the filler.

It was Christmas and I was sick of red, green and gold so I took matters into my own hands… Aka I went to wal -Mart and looked at colors.

I picked purple because it was different and I could pair it with either gold or silver for a clean freshing look.

I picked silver and purple for the stairs.

It’s so amazing how much better a garland looks when it’s full, so don’t be stingy with the ornaments.

Depending on the content of your garland, you may need to add string lights. So basically put up the Garland where you want it, add the lights after and then the fun begins.

**Oh make sure the lights work, you don’t want to get all fancy and then find out only half of the light actually light up.

Now balls, lots of them.  
Start by placing one color all over until you’ve used all the balls in one color.

Now place the other color equally throughout the garland.

Be careful not to use a lot in one are and leave another area blank, try to spread evenly, like frosting a cake.

Now you have 2 different colors and it looks ok… But now add your material…. The easiest way is to cut it into sections and weave it through in random places so it looks like one long weave but it’s not.

After the material is all in place and secured, add the snow flakes or other “filler” to the places which are slightly empty so that your garland has only slight patches of green.

Now plug in the lights and take some pictures, you little home maker you!

You can also use this concept for your tree, think of it like layers… And soon people will be asking you how to do it!

A Kitchen Island (DIY)

When we moved into the new condo we had a god awful 80’s kitchen with the white particle board cabinets, yes it had the wood trim. It was hainus. After a full remodel I realized we had an L shaped kitchen which needed to be grounded. We  renovated the kitchen on a budget, and so the island wasn’t in it.
I found a 36 in tall dresser. It was a sad peice and unfortunately I didn’t take the before picture. It was your standard wood dresser it was 34 inches wide which was perfect! I wanted to put butcher block on top but unfortunately the cheapest version would be $200.

I bought the dresser for $25. I painted it with Benjamin Moore “storm”, which was a semi blue grey.

  I attached 2 peices of would I found in the garage and sanded them down so it had the look of butcher block without the price tag. I sanded them well and stained them with Minwax natural stain.

I then attached a peice of wood to the bottom of the dresser so that it was all flat. I needed to have a flat bottom to attach the wheels properly.

The wheels were $4.00. I would suggest wheels with built in stoppers so that when you pull out a drawer it doesn’t wiggle the whole peice.

  We had beedboard leftover from our bathroom update so I simply cut two peices to fit and nailed them into place. I later caulked the seem at the top and down the side where the two peices of beedboard meet so it looked seemless.

I painted the beedboard the same white as the cabinets, Benjamin Moore “chalk”. It was an eggshell finish.

Finally I attached these pretty knobs so it gave it a little Moroccan flare. I bought these at home goods for $4.00 for 4 so it was $8.00 total.

After it was completed:

It was perfect!!! It was a charming rustic touch and the total cost was $41.00, but I also had some of the materials. If I were to estimate the cost having none of the materials in advance. It would probably be closer to $100. I was pleased with the turn out. I later attached hooks to the side closest to the refrigerator for towels and spatulas and thing of that nature. I put the trash can below the longer wood end so when I cut up vegetables I sweep them right into the trash.

Another tip: make sure after a few days to polyurethane the top of the wood so that water marks and stains don’t compromise the wood.

It’s not butcher block but it’s still pretty!! A word of advice for those of you that don’t know, butcher block is not as susceptible water, germs etc because of the density of the wood. The propose of butcher block would be in lieu of a cutting board. This material is not meant for cutting directly on but it’s astetics make for a soft warm grounding in this L shaped kitchen.

5 Lady-Skills to Consider..

1. Be honest about what you want, with him.

This is a major point because so much social media show dishonest men leading women to mistrust, without even giving the benefit of the doubt. Don’t assume his phone is going off because he’s talking with someone else, give him a chance. Maybe you’ve been burned before, maybe you just need a reason to be angry or keep your guard up, but what if you were wrong? Some men, aren’t jerks. Some men, don’t cheat. Some men do, but if you’re honest and you’re nose is clean, you walk away with integrity.

In thinking your date isn’t worthy of trust, many women feel like it’s okay to lie to their partners, then justify it with… “They do it too…” If that’s the case, just get out now.  STOP THE CYCLE OF BAD RELATIONSHIPS. Lying in a relationship is like lying to your doctor, it’s not going to make you better…. Just be honest with each other, because you could continue for 10 years in a relationship with someone you always knew wasn’t right for you, but stayed for all the wrong reasons. Do yourself a favor, and be honest, and if he doesn’t like it… find someone else… It’s not that hard these days, there’s apps for that.

2. Cook. 

Women scorn the kitchen for their 1950’s role of housewife and all their feminist counterparts… But really it’s a life skill. Everyone, yes even men, should know how to make some basic meals, and it is pretty satisfying.  No one is naturally good at cooking unless they have at least given it an honest effort… Ladies, just because we are women doesn’t mean we can’t still make a fantastic meal, we aren’t giving into a stereotype, we are simply making a meal. It’s also a fantastic way to broaden your horizon and do what you are so scared to… Try something new. Try a meal kit hello fresh or blue apron are great for beginners, or just follow any recipe on Pinterest.

If you burn it, throw it out and try again. I promise if you make something that is truly delicious you will be proud and as I’ve said before, bragging rights are an added bonus.  Make yourself a 5 star meal, or make it for your mom, but just try!

 This chicken dish took me a good year to perfect, but it’s worth it every time. It’s chicken,spinach, red roasted peppers, tomato, artichoke hearts and fresh mozzerella in a lemon butter sauce. This obviously was not made with my innate skill set it was made with trial and error.

3. Educate yourself on current events.

How many people follow the local candidates on Twitter? How many women are exercising their right to vote, they should. It has been a long road for equal rights and still woman are under represented in the polls, and in politics. The difference between a woman who has an opinion based on hear-say and the one that has something relevant to add to a conversation  is clear.  An opinion based on facts sticks out very clearly to those who know what the subject matter is. The term it is better to be seen and not heard would apply ONLY if you don’t know the content of conversation. The more you know the more people will respect you.

Respect is better than frivolous attention. Be seen and be heard and make your opinion count.

Be able to talk to anyone on any setting that is a valuable asset.

4. Be polite and praise your fellow lady.

We all feel insecure. We all worry if we have something in our teeth. We are all human but ladies need each other.  Respect your fellow woman. Compliment instead of criticize. Be a woman’s woman, we aren’t all catty cliques stuck in high school. Some women are worthy of friendship but all women are worthy of appreciation because if not for nothing else, we are women!

Be silly if that’s what it takes to be kind but open your heart to your fellow woman and honor her for her. Men have a fundamental difference in relationships with other men, and that is simplicity. A boy meets another in the school yard with a toy he also likes and they are friends for life… A girl meets a girl, they play for a while, and then challenges her until they can no longer tolerate eachother. Let’s invest in the future by showing our fellow humans respect and honor. Women, be nice to each other, celebrate each other and teach our daughters to be better women too.

Give an extra compliment… Just because.

5. Be present.

Listen. Don’t just wait to speak or hold your next thought while there is a break in conversation, really listen to those who speak to you. You would be surprised what you can learn by simply listening to someone’s story or simply what anothe knows that you do not.  Put your phone away and talk to your company.

Take a breath and realize that nothing in life is permanent and every moment is precious. Try something new, and don’t be so close minded.

If not for nothing else at least you tried…

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