Free Spring from the Blahs of Winter

In celebration of the groundhog once again being wrong, and a foot of snow heading our way, I decided to spruce up for Spring. March can either go one of two ways in the northeast, mild or mean. This years winter has been sudden snow with quick melting but still wintery-grey and cold. So enough already we want spring!!

Spring is one of those seasons that can be easily overlooked but it really is the most exciting because everything is fresh and new!

I only cheered up my mantel, dining table and front door and I feel like that little breath of fresh air really adds so much. I always feel better with new designs and decor because it changes the vibe in the space. If I am feeling stuck or on edge I always seem to find myself reorganizing or moving furniture, or creating a new little statement item to shift my energy. It’s so effective for me to recharge, by spending an hour making the room feel new again. The same can be said for making your bed in the morning. That sense of completion really helps set the tone. So here’s this simple design for Spring, but first coffee!

I started with the Marti Gras inspired latte at the best coffee shop in town Eco Coffee House. Then I got the creative juices flowing.

Bunny ✔️

Easter eggs ✔️

Pastels ✔️

Winter pig salt and pepper shakers away and pink piggy salt and pepper shakers in ✔️

Something was missing…

Sometimes I think things might look right together and sometimes they do, other times they don’t. Design is trial and error. I loved the added texture of the chess board it gave that whimsical romance I wanted. Also, marble is just the best.

This is a simple design. It has function and form, levels of height and color variations. I’m pleased with the table scape for now.

The runner is lace and it pairs with the mantel I freshened up for the spring.

A couple of things I love about this…

1. The porcelain egg train is from my childhood, and every year my mom would take it out for Easter. It also lights up but that was too “Christmas village” for my mantel.

2. The snow globe with the Easter Bunny is also from my childhood and it has a music box that winds up… can you get any more classic than that? It’s a 90s kid Easter thing.

3. The lace. It’s feminine but tasteful. I usually don’t like too much girly stuff but spring is the most feminine season in my opinion. All the pastels and flowers are featured in this ode to spring.

Of course I had to throw in a throw pillow.

Thanks mom! I love this little bunny heading out on the wide opened road!!

As for my front door I have a DIY wreath from a few years ago that I still adore and it really makes my home feel fresh from the first step inside!

If these simple housekeeping refreshes helped you I am so glad! I’m spring-ing ahead and jumping into springtime joy! The best part of these little refreshes was I used items I had in my decorating stash. I didn’t have to buy anything! I used old items that were meaningful and some that were just waiting for the next tine I incorporated them into my design. I know sometimes I can misconstrued for a hoarder of crafty things but I always use them I swear! Get some inspiration and a little coffee and let your creativity grow into that springtime refresh you absolutely need at this time of year! Happy decorating!