A Wish That Came True

What some people know about me but most people don’t, is that I’m a romantic and I always have been. I always pictured meeting that person who was going to Disney prince/ princess dance in a fog surrounded ball room where everyone floats away and it’s just me and him… sorry but I am being totally honest, I’m sure if some doves dropped in that would seal the deal for me.

Then I found Joe (or he found me), basically we found each other over the drab office cubicle and stacks of miserable paperwork. It was funny how it transformed from casual conversation and stupid movie quotes to dinner and maybe drinks. I remember it all so clearly but I won’t bore you with the details.

As many years have gone by, our love has never waned. It’s funny how some people say after years things get old, people get lazy, it’s not the same, I can attest to that being false. It’s been almost 7 years and through all the years I never got bored, or unappreciated. I never felt like my opinion came second or my feelings weren’t the priority. I’m one of the lucky ones, but so is he. We are lucky together. We think of each other first. If he’s having a bad day, I make him feel better and trust me I get more of those than he does, usually.

We try to enhance life with adventure and regularly plan trips, like last years Cali-forn-yahhhh! trip. Which was pretty awesome! This year we are planning to travel to Greece, a trip we have both been planning (particularly me) since 2013. So instead of doing gifts for Christmas we opted out, Joe instead planned a weekend in Vermont to relax after the holidays.

Without all the gifts for everyone we knew, somehow we still felt run down and cookie- hungover from the holidays and so I was thrilled.

(Background) Since maybe month 3 of our dating timeline we’ve received inquiries about our marriage plans. I was 22, so it really made no sense to me why people were asking. I guess they knew how special he was and how right we were for each other.

So the holidays came and so did more marriage pressure and questions, but no sight of a ring in the near future. At this point, nearly 7 years into our relationship, we’re used to it, so… we laughed them off our backs.

The joke is on me, because he had a sneaky, beautiful, plan. In fact, he has never been more stealth, ever. He’s just really bad at keeping secrets and lying (which is good for me), but bad for surprises…

Alright already, I get it the lead up is getting old get to the good part… fine.

So for Christmas this year he gives me a gift (yes we said no gifts), and it was a long weekend in Vermont, packed full of fun and relaxation to be had! He planned two pages of glorious adventures!

Beer tastings.

Fancy dinners.

A jacuzzi.

Cheese! #vermontcheddar



So normally I think this might be an extraordinarily delivery of such gluttony but he did say it was to decompress after the holidays, and start the new year off right! Who was I to question such intentions!? I sure didn’t! I was just happy he took the time to plan all this for me since I’m usually the one planning our adventures. I therefore did not see anything coming! I also didn’t think to look into “what to do In Woodstock VT” because I was too busy thinking about Greece.

As we arrive to our destination no signs appear of any kind other than a Gilmore Girl inspired Bed and Breakfast with a classic New England town, straight out of a Hallmark movie!

So this was the best photo I took of the place and it really does not so it justice The Inn was absolutely perfect. It had fresh farm to table breakfast, coffee from cafe du monte, which ironically is where Joe’s mom’s family is from (New Orleans). It had all the finishes of classic New England charm and I was waiting for Lorilai to turn a corner at any moment and yell for Michele. I digress.

1st stop on the agenda: dinner at the Prince and Pauper where we enjoyed an amazing 3 course meal, farm to table, seasonal and fabulous!

Kudos to the place for seating us with the happy little cloud, they sell local artists work and man was that cute!

This little town was straight out of a hallmark movie. It was perfect!

The morning after joe and I had a fabulous breakfast at the Inn and I started going over the plan for the day. He had made a general plan but of course I squeezed in every last drop of fun so we wouldn’t miss anything…

So the plan was: head to the antique mall explore all the old stuff, check out sugarbush farms and sample award winning cheeses, more shopping, then return to the downtown and walk around finishing the day at the covered bridge just in time for sunset.

Seems like a lot but it wasn’t, since after we were done we could change and get ready for our 8:00 dinner reservation at Simon Pearce a swanky restaurant in an old mill, next to the waterfall. The thing about this place was he blows his own glass, and this was his flagship store, it was insanely impressive decor!

The plan was established mostly by joe but with embellishments by me.

It was perfect weather for Vermont-Ing.

Then more shopping:

There were so many covered bridges it was like being in the 1800s, but with much nicer transportation.

We finally arrived in the quintessential New England downtown. I’m mentally noting all of this for the Economic Development Commission of East Hampton because it’s really got “that something”.

Then finally our last stop: and arguably most important was this little garden store where we both agreed we felt like some kind of magic took place.

So we 1-2-3ed and made our wishes silently to ourselves, mine was to get engaged this year, since it’s been 6 years and I want to say “fiancé” and not boyfriend, seal the deal etc.

Right- it was corny, but it really felt like it was going to come true, like the universe responded and was like “we got your back”. So I took my fuzzy feelings and didn’t mention it to Joe, and we happily walked toward the covered bridge to watch the sunset.

As we arrive it’s about 4:15, and there are a ton of people gathering, taking pictures because naturally (I thought) this is a point of interest in the area.

We decided to walk around the green and take a few minutes to let people have their pictures and then we would head back down.

we walked down the path for walkers to the right, and turned to walk back through the driving side since there weren’t too many cars…

We walked through maybe 1/3 of the way and I’m snapping photos trying to capture each angle of what we saw because it was really gorgeous!

Then he stopped and said “I need to ask you a question”.

So there I was wearing sneakers, no make up, and my hair in a messy bun after a day of exploring Vermont… and he was asking me a question… but not any question the question. I knew it. Those damn pennies were magic! So as he says that a car is coming…

We make our way to the end of the bridge, the car passed through. He gets down on one knee, and says, “I’ve wanted to ask you this for a long time… ”

Opens the little green box, with a gold clasp, and the ring is laying on the side of the pillow, about to fall…

“Will you Marry Me?”

And I said, “oh my god it’s going to fall, yassssss!”

So it did not fall. I said yes and not one person was around to take our picture!!!

Well, this older couple walked through the tunnel and I asked them to take our photo, they tried but it was mostly hand over lens…

I was shocked.

I am still shocked.

How did he do it?

How did he save for this ring?

When? Where? How?

Holy shit I’m gonna be a fiancé!!

Then I see a guy walking around with a camera, and I know he can probably take a picture, so he offers to email us the photos and joe quickly exchanges information with him. I noticed him before but thought he was just walking around taking pictures of the bridge and some woman hiding behind a tree, but thought nothing of it. I guess I would be a good victim for kid napping…

Then Joe says he has more surprises. How is that even possible? So I was like “okay well can we go into one more store.” We walked in and then promptly left because I could not believe what had just taken place and had to make some calls.

It really was magic. The place. The wish. It was literally a classic romantic story, I could not believe what had just happened!!

He gave me the box with a note which includes all the details, he saved for 5 years, he wanted to ask me but wanted to give me the perfect ring to represent the love we have for each other. He put 6 small diamonds under the large one, to represent our 6 years together and the large one represents forever.

He writes “the center stone (which I agonized over) represents the rest of our life together. The flaws are hardly worth mentioning, and the diamond like our life together is perfectly clear.”

Yes tears.

So we headed back to the Inn to relax and freshen up before dinner. Where we found champagne and Simon Pearce Champagne glasses waiting with fresh long stem roses.

We made our phone calls and Joe tells me, the guy with the camera was a hired photographer.

He hired a secret photographer to capture the moment!!!!! Are you kidding!?!?

Here’s the link Barnes photography he nailed it! I guess joe wanted it to be a surprise so didn’t want him to be in sight. Incredible.

He made dinner reservations at the number 9 or 7 I don’t remember, most romantic restaurant in the country. All I have to say is wow.

The food was exceptional and the service was amazing and by the way we got engaged!!

So the next day we went to get coffee and brunch since we missed breakfast, and walked around a little more. We told the store owner how our wishes came true. He wished for everything to go perfectly and it absolutely did. I had no idea, I was overjoyed and we both knew something magic happened when we wished. It was like nothing else I’ve ever experienced.

On our way home, snow flurries and beautiful scenery guided our path and when we arrived our neighbors had already decorated and prepared for our arrival! It turns out quite a few people were in on this…

My neighbor made my favorite cake and we toasted with more champagne.

…And so the story continues… it was the perfect love story engagement and it was because he knows how much I love, love. He knows I would rather watch a hallmark movie, or see a Disney princess meet her prince than anything else. He made this day so perfect and he makes my life perfect and luckily I must be doing the same. We know each other and we put each other first. We hardly ever fight about anything, and we know forever will be easy, because we are buds. The best stories are when two people happen to be best friends and then the magic happens.