We love basic vanilla!

So here’s a quick run down of the last few years of color trends. We don’t even realize, but from decor, to what we are wearing there are color schemes, on trend. I’m almost certain if you are a regular manicure lover you acknowledged these subtle changes. Yes cherry chutney will never die, no, that’s not all!

First it was teal, I’m sorry sea foam green and coral, together. Circa 2012-2015 or so…
We look back and think that was a little much… like Lily Pulitzer could pull it off, but not my kitchen.

Then suddenly the 80s! What the hell are kids today trying to do! The only good thing the 80’s brought us was Madonna and leggings (I still do like warm up socks), but the point is, the bleached mom jeans, neon colors and disco lifestyle was a little hectic. I’m glad it didn’t make a full come back.

Then… “mid-century” the 70s, I mean it’s okay. I’m not a big fan of orange and green, but the plants I will accept.

However! My dad, bought a lamp, and this lamp is one of those overhanging lamps that has a marble floor mount. It is quintessential “mid century” but it’s what the hipsters call authentic. Let me tell you, it’s back people!

Those frugal baby boomers did it, their style from their 20s-30s is officially back, and they managed to keep it under plastic so it’s in mint condition!! Just kidding but that lamp lives on, and I’m surprised in some ways but it was a pretty easy transition style. Simple white overhang, gold frame and marble base. I digress, it’s a cool lamp.

Somewhere in the middle of trying to decide which decade we like better, 50 shades of Grey… out with the beige in with the grey… all the Grey! Grey walls grey handbags, grey lifestyle people! This is not a drill!

Well at least now or at least as of lately the Scandanavians are influencing our lives, with the semi-new trend of Hygge . Pair that with the wellness mantra we totally need in the U.S, high blood pressure / heart conditions on the rise, and boom!

Minimalism. Tiny houses. Total confusion! Total simplicity!

White. The color that truly isn’t a color. That was 2017s favorite! I’ll admit it was a confusing time in America, but it’s tried and true like vanilla, it goes with everything and it’s easy to change later!

Blame the millenials for getting everything they wanted, if you want. Blame post- mondernism if you’re into that, but whatever you do, do not think this will leave quickly. White, beige, grey.

We love neutral because #hygge !

Finally, a lifestyle to fix all the greed, boring, but light and airy. Clean, but lacks substance.

Do minimalists still shop at Costco for toilet paper, and where would they store it?

All very real questions, related to our favorite basic vanilla colors.

Now for the dramatics, yes it’s official the 2016 color and all the way through 2017 was Blue, not just any blue, but a deep ocean blue. Blue and white, the contrast we love! Some say it’ll be back like the China pots we all of a sudden loved again from the late 80s/90s.

So everyone likes to guess what’s next and I’m sorry but I really want the shabby chic, farmhouse to stay a little longer!

Clothing is different the 90s has returned and I don’t know about you guys but I really didn’t like velvet the first time around, but now… I’m not sure. I do a little.

New-old- nostalgia-like concepts have been a feature of style, art, music, design, decor. It is often that we recycle these trends in an effort be reinforce the feelings of the past, like a Christmas tree ornament. We love that warm hygge feeling.

Frankly I’m excited for the new colors on the chopping block, purple, possibly a forever romance color, it’s warm, inviting and rich. Obviously it’s going to pair easily with grey and white. So what else? Green!

Sage to be exactly, maybe designers felt they needed to clear the negativity, but whatever! We love it!

We also seem to love teal again but a bluer teal than before, a more romanticand moody version.

Let the color -design wheel keep on turning!

My friends, just remember, neutrals will never die, but don’t be boring! You can dazzle yourself with just a pop of color!

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So get out there and paint! Or change your shoes! Anything but straight minimalism, white on white is over rated, and no one likes a vanilla person (without rainbow sprinkles)!


The Law of “Fake it til you Make it”

I started this blog about 2 years ago, with the intentions of doing some kind of event planning, which I quickly decided wasn’t the right fit, how did I come to this conclusion? Well, a couple of reasons, but mainly because I realized the reward was not as exhilarating as the hype. I guess I expected work to be something like this, “Robyn, even from childhood would do (insert thing I was really passionate about), and it was clear then that she would also be an (insert passion again).”

After hiring a terrific career coach, I truly expected someone to tell me “What I was MEANT to do” and I learned, there is no perfect answer. In some ways I was disappointed to discover that, but as it turns out, one skill does not define you! Mark Langford my career coach, also a former CEO, hiring manager, near death experience-er, (and bonus points for Harvard business school,) has a book, that really is a terrific read, called Thank God It’s Wednesday!

So I set off on a journey to find my passion, and here’s what happend….

The truth is, doing pretty flower arrangements, setting tables, planning a meal or making a town wide event really felt good because, I am, by nature, a people pleaser. So as such, I should have already known that I would be disappointed in the responses of those who I had aimed to please.

I realized that despite my greatest intentions I couldn’t make a living on my “party planning passion” and it wouldn’t be the right fit for me (my passion is clearly not singular). I guess the reason I decided this was both, negative self talk but also MAYBE this wasn’t my passion after all? So how do you know?

Strike 1.

I still plan on killing it at thanksgiving,  and yes I still enjoy all that goes along with the process of planning an event…

Now, “Taco Tuesday “, is still over the top. Yes that is a mahi mahi taco, with fresh chopped salsa and creme fraiche . So what? Those things may seem frivolous but they make me happy. I like to feel like what I do, and work for is exactly as good as it looks. It feels good to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Sometimes, other times it tastes better when someone else makes it, it really depends on the mood.

That’s why having your taco and eating it too is so important. Who else can appreciate the taco like you can? The world is your taco! Make it with all the toppings…

(Enough life lessons and Taco joys)

Getting back to the long winded explanation of the creative process… I moved on to interior designer, that’s my ‘passion’ I know it! I have a good eye, I know what other people want (people pleaser), and I can do it! Then I found out, Pinterest and HGTV really give false expectations on a few things.

Reasons not to believe anything Pinterest or HGTV tells you:(a short list)

  1. Popcorn ceiling isn’t just spray,scrape repaint. It’s messy disgusting and it never comes off clean!! Who invented popcorn ceiling? The devil, that’s who!
  2. Ripping out carpet does not always turn up beautiful (just needs some wax) flooring, sometimes it’s subfloor shit and you need to buy new flooring… lesson learned.
  3. Not everything can be solved with coconut oil, apple cider vinegar and other life hacks, sometimes you need an electrician,so you don’t blow the power out of your whole 2nd floor while cooking the thanksgiving meal..(some other time I’ll explain)
  4. No one ever looks human during demolition and the final “touches” of fairy dust and pillow fluff is actually sleeping, because you’re dead.

NO ONE is casually invested in flipping a house, and been able to get through it without complications, and nor have they had the luxury of tying up $600,000 in capital, in the process. Just saying… I still love designing spaces but I know one thing, it’s not my “thing”.

Another strike.

I can’t help but feel like the process has made things very interesting. I know my strengths, and my weaknesses. Many lessons are learned through the process of finding ones passion, I’d advise someone to enjoy that process. I know I have. Though I don’t know that I’m the person to explain HOW to find ones, passion, I will tell you it’s not always singular. I would argue that because we are such complex individuals, there is no way to assign only one passion out ourselves, nor should we.

So now what? Focus on what’s next, nor what is forever…

Am I living my passion? Mostly

Am I getting everything I want out of life? YES.

In order to find your happiness, or your “passion” or whatever it is you are looking for, you have to start by putting yourself out there, trying new things, and faking it until you make it! 

Also, know that the process, is just as important as the outcome!

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Opened Heart + Opened Mind= Creativity & New Perspective

As we have begun our new year in 2018, so begins a new way of looking at ourselves. I am looking for new ideas and new opportunities every day. If I want something I’m passionate about, I roll up my sleeves and give it my all. What I’ve been noticing lately is that when we stay focused on our goals, we get results (duh right?). For me though, it seems like I’m always doing 100 things and hoping one is “the” thing… but not everyone fits into a box.

So what I’ve decided is that I’m going to do all 100 things I like to do, and who knows maybe they are all “the” thing I’ve been putting on a pedestal… or maybe I’ll just have fun doing a bunch of random projects and finding satisfaction in knowing I did them.

So what I’m trying now, is focusing on decluttering and recharging. For me personally I go through phases. Sometimes I’m in a funk and I just want to browse Pinterest, and chill. Other times I’m plotting my next project or gearing up for a big plan. For some people, running marathons is the same idea. They think about what they want, they visualize their shoes hitting the pavement (they also train) and slowly (actually rather quickly), the day comes where they show up to the race. They obviously kill it because that’s how life works. You just have to get yourself ready, and let yourself win! The worst thing you can do is be complacent and go through the motions of life… you must focus on what you want but also what comes knocking at your door.

I recently read a book called E-squared by Pam Grout which was a compelling set of experiments geared to focusing your energy. I don’t know if I’m 100% into the universe energy work, but I’m opened to the concepts. One of the experiments is about noticing what is around you. Example: I’m going to focus on white cars… for 2 days. Suddenly for the next two days I’m amazed by the fact that white cars are by far the most prevelent on the roads, yes it’s science. Or is it perception? The world will never know for sure, but it’s good for your spirit, knowing you have a say in what is going on around you. Some say it’s magnetism or the power of positivity. I say, whatever, it’s a good way to stay focused and open yourself up to what you want.

How is it that what we focus on, comes to fruition? Well because we get after it! So the focus of this week is decluttering and creating! I find that when you remove unwanted (insert person, place or thing) you have room to get back to a blank canvas. When we allow ourselves the freedom to do what we want, we are opened and when we are opened we can grow!

So lace up your pajamas and recharge or run in your running gear or just go out with a friend and change the normal routine a little. Open your mind. Get your creative juices flowing and make this new year the one you want. You owe yourself that! If you’ve resolved to do something and haven’t, start fresh on Monday and keep starting over!

Bob Ross says, “there are no mistakes only happy accidents” because like art, you have opportunities to change, move, and shift. The perspective is up to you!

Happy recharging! Post and let me know what y’all are doing or any ideas you want to share!

Til next time!