New Years Resolutions for Beginners…

A new year brings with it a whole new plan, a new car smell if you will…


Whenever I think of new car smell I get slightly nauseous… It’s something I remember from childhood, not from my parents because they never drove new cars, but from a trip to the beach in the back seat of a friends car. I think the feeling still sits right… a little nauseous but most new things feel that way I guess.

Many people consider themselves to be a “type” or a “category of person”. Not me. I’m more of a little of this and a little of that but maybe I glance at the recipe to make sure it all turns out decent. More of the type A mixed with the wanderers spirit. So what does that equal in car?

Does adventure+ control freak= Jeep person? No, I think I’m more of a purist and the wrangle seems too sporty for me… Well here it is, a complete re-evaluation of everything I thought I knew about myself because of a major life decision, that really isn’t that big a deal. Did that seem as anxious as I intended? It’s like every choice we make, big or small seems to close in on the person we are or are trying to be, but what if it’s just a car?

Here was my sentiment on the process. I’m not making the kind of money that requires status, nor do I have any based on letters following my last name. I don’t need a spaceship of technological features, but I don’t want a tin can. Why don’t they make Honda’s like they used to? I love Honda, or at least I did until mine started having trouble.

I’m not surprised that the car manufacturers are mimicking the American income brackets and social classes by making economy cars look like total shit, and expensive cars unattainable.

I digress.

It’s a big pain in the ass to decide what you want for the next 5 + Years, because that new car smell (if you like it), eventually goes away.

A car is not a home or an asset, but more of a liability, and a leaky piggy bank. I wish they made cars like the old days, like they made everything. Fixable and wholesome. Or at the very least, made well enough to WANT to fix and brag about. Cars have had a tough history, I mean it’s still relatively new and now we have 100% electronic cars!

Ultimately, this is a new purchase, a big change, and much like a new year, brings with it a set of rules.

I will not eat in the car.

I will get a car wash once a week.


until you don’t do any of that…

So what’s the point in stressing about a new year or a big change if you end up doing what you’ve always done?

This year make the choice to stick to whatever it is you resolve to do. Be reasonable! You aren’t going to lose 100 lbs in a week! You are NOT going to make a major change, right away. The good news is, small incremental changes lead to big ones!

So if you are buying a new car or if you are just trying to stick to a budget. Be fair but be firm!

Make a choice to change something small, and start making it part of your daily routine, that way when you re-evaluate yourself in 50 weeks trying to decide if you are more of a “free spirit” or a “tight ass”, you will have a better understanding that you don’t NEED definition. You NEED to know what YOU NEED/ WANT, and that starts every day, not just the first 3 weeks of January!!

Good luck, and remember you can do anything, as long as you commit to doing it!


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Every Now and Then

Every day is something new. We change, embrace, create, repeat. We become more of what we are as we go! Staying inspired through life has kept things interesting for me. I grew up an old child of an intact marriage, in CT. Well yes, I guess that sounds perfect on paper, but it’s not, and nothing is. I originally started this blog as a DIY event page, which I quickly realized was not “it”... Then I realized I love designing spaces but what if I could do whatever I wanted as my job? Wow I’m such a millennial... so I just want what every girl wants, travel, love and freedom of speech. Well it’s basically a full spectrum of emotions, likes, inspirations and motivations. I assure you after reading my blog you will realize the bio is unnecessary... Look for inspiration and then create your own!

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