Why You Need More Inspiration.

Day to day gets realllllly boring, and it moves quick. Suddenly you are in November when the last time you checked it was definetly April!

The good news is.. Thanksgiving… the bad news is, you moved too fast!

Stop now, and take a moment to appreciate the situation you are in, now, make a plan to get some inspiration in whatever form that is to you.

For me, I need a project. I constantly test myself to see how far I can take it, what else I can do, how many ideas I can bring to life! It’s hard when you have a running list going all the time. It bogs down your creative “flow” which HuffPost does a nice job of explaining. The point is, when you are in flow, your mind is at ease. I’d argue it’s a form of meditation and a requirement for creatives, so you don’t burn out.

The latest project I did was a dresser. It was an old project that I was sick of, and I needed a new look. So I busted out the decoupage and jazzed it up.

I’m not sure exactly how I came to decide this was my project but it bothered me, so I fixed it. Most things in our homes are “stuff” or “necessity” but as a kid I would get this nagging need to rearrange my space, like once or twice a year. It was like it got cold. So I would notice something, I would store that in the back of my mind and then I’d wake up one day and do something about it. Yes it’s random, but I guess it’s similar to having a meltdown, one day you just have enough… but this is a positive meltdown. The meltdown creates a feeling of ease as a storm is followed by a period of restoration. Anyway let me move on with a non-philosophic point that I was making…

The good thing about creative outlets is that when you finish, you bask in your own glory. As you should! You nailed it!

It’s so important to feel like you have control in a world where we often don’t. You create an idea and you take it from the drawing board to the finished product and that, is what goals are for.

So many times we set goals and forget about them, but inspiration is a goal, and one that you can bring to life. I don’t know if I’m the only one that gets excited about an idea, but I tend to think its contagious.

Here’s some inspirations for you…

Do you have a drawer that needs to be organized. Do it.

Do you have art you must create?

Do you really want to get out in nature and smell the fresh air?

Do you have an old item that you love but needs some vamping up?

Do you like baking and you really want to make something just for fun?

All these things are simple pleasures that are so important to keep you feeling refreshed and you owe yourself that! More ideas on the 10 Simple Pleasures blog so try something that gives you energy, and makes you happy!

When you get inspired, you make the life you want for yourself!