Are you on the local scene?

In the last 10 years we’ve seen a shift, maybe a sutble movement but nevertheless a change. We want local! Why? Well because It’s better that’s why! When you shop locally you feel a sense of community, you support a family not a stock holder and you get an arguably better product. Depending on where you live, you probably have more opportunities to shop locally than you think. Walmart is not the only option.

Connecticut is a hybrid of big names and small business. For the most part you can find anything you want simply by going on Amazon but if you take the time you can probably do better at a local store.

The craft beer movement is here, and sorry Budweiser but we really like the flavor.

When you buy locally crafted beer you are supporting a community, a mission, and you know that those guys gave it their best shot.  Hanging Hills Brewing company is a locally made beer located on  the same street in hartford my grandmother lived on when I was a child. Well so what? The reason I point this out is the cities in Connecticut have been over run with poverty, violence and for the majority of folks the only reason to go to Hartford’s outskirts is if you have a restaraunt or bar in mind. There is typically no reason to go outside the downtown area unless you live there, because it’s seen as a dangerous place.

The reality is, this beer garden set right off the highway was packed with like minded middle class people who just wanted to take a break from the day to day and have a beer. We even saw the weather man and his crew hanging out!

Farm to table or as I like to call it, the only way to eat!

When you walk into a Whole Foods, it’s arguably better than stop and shop, but when you walk into a farm stand, it’s the top of the tier. There is no delivery, there are no additives, the product was plucked from the dirt and placed in its respective bin with like-items. In other words if you have an opportunity to go to a farm stand, farmers market or grow your own produce, then you should. That is all.

Fresh food is the ultimate luxury. If you are willing to spend $80 on moisturizer or make up and you stuff yourself with blue dye #5, then you will need to invest a lot more money in healthcare later…  What you eat is so important for your present and future! It’s also 10x tastier than a mass produced vegetable that didn’t have adequate time to ripen and was pumped full of fake ness.

The other thing about fresh food is that the farmers who produce these products work hard, and we should collaboratively support our farmers here in the US but specifically in our communities. No farms, no food! I promise if you buy a tomato from a supermarket, and one grown from a local grower, you will never want to buy another supermarket tomato again. The flavor speaks for itself.

 When we build together we grow together!

Do something local, it will always be more rewarding.
I’m not a socialist, I am however a big fan of empowering our fellow man. If everyone supported each other’s great gifts to society then our communities would be common again. Here in Connecticut the majority of towns have some “center of town” local stops, but for the mom and pop shops it’s a dying market.

Communities are based on kids,and schools, where they used to be built for the needs of families as a whole. Technology has brought availability but as for the center of town, there is no incentive to buy local, because it’s easier to get free shipping.

If parents of children are the only ones getting involved with community projects which are propogated by their kids PTA meetings what about the other percentage of the population? What inspires people to get involved or support their local craftsmen/ business owners etc?

Certainly it’s not cheaper to buy local verses going to Walmart. I will say this about that, if you don’t support your towns businesses your community will suffer. The economy will suffer. And ultimately the future will be big conglomerates with no voice.

I grew up in Marlborough CT from childhood to adulthood. I watched places that were staples of the town go out of business because of lack of support from the town. The Tavern in town was a bar that George Washington went to and was an icon of the town. It was a sad day when they closed their doors. A super market, a pharmacy and a number of other businesses have been lost to the big brands in the center of Marlborough and businesses don’t want to come in because of the hostile environment of the town, and of the state. It’s those businesses that keep the town funding and those businesses that bring hope for the future of the town. It’s these small towns that make up the state and ultimately the country. If we let the small businesses fall prey to big businesses what hope do kids have for entrepreneurial futures?

If we don’t support eachother in a local community then Rome as we know it will fall victim to corporations who don’t care, who don’t give back, and who have their own agenda. If we had more small town support for small business, the future would be made of people who want to build things, not grow up and work in a city.

Moral of the story, try something local, get out and meet the owner of your local coffee shop, go into the store you’ve been driving past for the last 2 years, you’ll be glad you did.