Because… winter is coming…

When I feel overwhelmed and I do often, I turn my anxiety into beauty. I think I’ve always used this as a defense mechanism, but as it turns out it’s a great way to avoid burnout!

I usually have a mental checklist of ideas I want to put together but every so often I find something and I think hmmm…that would make a nice accent for my (insert  random room in a home).

So after having a combo work, thanksgiving host, friendsgiving host and cleaning my house 4 times in 5 days… I let my creative freak flag fly!

Here was the result….

This literally cost me nothing. I used chalk to design the lettering which came out different than I expected but I’m pleased.

I found this peice of wood in my “I’ll do something with this someday” pile, sanded it, distressed the edges and added hooks.

After it was finished I was planning to attach a bell that I had laying around in my Christmas stuff, but it needed more…

So I gave it a flower and some glitter and boom, Winter will be welcomed on my front door.

How are you guys making life more sparkly? Leave me some feedback!