Be better at doing things…

When you get pulled in too many directions, the natural response is to panic. You are afterall just one person.


What if I told you, you can do all the things that are gnawing to be tamed with a little help from time management?

First I’d like to say I’m a list maker. I live by the list and if it’s too messy I’ll make a new one… because for me the thought of checking off those boxes is like a Xanax.

If I don’t get my work done then I don’t stress over it because I know I’ll get something done tomorrow, it’s all about plugging along. I admit I have high expectations for myself but everyone should. There are so many things I want to do, and time is limited, so is energy. 

So here’s how to get more ish done… and still feel like a human. 

  1. First… tackle your most-hated-projects first. No you won’t want to do them later because that’s how things work, the more you push it off the harder it is to tackle. It’s like a snowball effect. For me it’s making phone calls for appointments or calling to ask questions. I simply hate it, and for no good reason other than it requires another person to complete… So if there’s a call to be made I try to get that out of the way quickly. 
  2. Don’t give up just because it’s not going well. Most of the time I set out to do new things knowing I have generally no idea how, and then I stumble.  It’s all about the rebound my friend. Get up move around and take a break, not everyone Gifted with relentless perseverance. Breaks are your minds way of hitting the refresh button. Take them as often as you need but don’t give up on your task whether it be bleaching the bathroom floor  or finishing your  version of a Picasso if you stop you have failed. Failure = stress. Just take one thing at a time.
  3. Work smart… if you can get someone else to mitigate the task, let them… one less thing for you. Also use your tools. The internet literally has everything. Find out “life hacks” or sample explanations of what you are doing and let the time saved be your bonus! 
  4. Finally and most importantly learn this rule… it’s not a race it’s a marathon. Don’t skip out on the chance to celebrate your accomplishment but know that even small victories mean there’s more ahead! You can do it slow and steady my friends. 

So there you go. Be better at doing more without burning yourself out. Give yourself a break or a beer, you are doing the best you can! 


Published by

Every Now and Then

Every day is something new. We change, embrace, create, repeat. We become more of what we are as we go! Staying inspired through life has kept things interesting for me. I grew up an old child of an intact marriage, in CT. Well yes, I guess that sounds perfect on paper, but it’s not, and nothing is. I originally started this blog as a DIY event page, which I quickly realized was not “it”... Then I realized I love designing spaces but what if I could do whatever I wanted as my job? Wow I’m such a millennial... so I just want what every girl wants, travel, love and freedom of speech. Well it’s basically a full spectrum of emotions, likes, inspirations and motivations. I assure you after reading my blog you will realize the bio is unnecessary... Look for inspiration and then create your own!

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