Women please vote.

I don’t presume to be the most patriotic or feminist human in America but I do have some strong feelings on women and also public responsibility. 

We women had an opportunity in World War Two, we made real money and we made a real difference. Now we are considered equal in voting, and mostly equal in the work force, but do not discredit the years of hard work and dedication of our foremothers by not voting. 

I was once of the mentality that why vote, my vote doesn’t count. I credit my appreciation for the democratic practice to my better half.

It was just before the second round of Obama administration and I was up all night. It was the night before the day to vote. I was having some serious anxiety. I mean how was I supposed to know who is the best choice to run this country?? I can’t even get my life in order, I thought I had no right to make that choice….

Let me tell you something I needed to hear myself… If you don’t vote, your vote doesn’t count, not the other way around. 

If you don’t vote you disgrace those women who held down the house, worked on the factories and supported their families while their husbands were out fighting a war. 

If you don’t vote, you have no right to pass judgement on others who did.

If you don’t vote, you my friend need to take a look and the mirror and ask yourself why you think that you shouldn’t. If it’s because you don’t know enough about the candidates, google them. If you think all of the candidates suck, vote for a 3rd party or whoever meets the terms you find are important.  If you don’t ask yourself or tell yourself these things… Give me a reason why not.

How hard is it to go to your local town establishment and fill in a bubble?

Do yourself, your future, your past a favor and cast your vote. 

Your vote matters, your opinion matters, you matter and as a woman you earned this right. 



How to Deal with a Bit** in a Few Easy Steps…

We have all seen or heard people that really press our buttons. People who without fail, push us to the limits of our patience,  and are just straight up bitches.

Most of the bitches we encounter are close to us, which makes them hard to deal with. Those we encounter every day are the worst because, you have to keep your composure. Bitches come in the form of fake friends, coworkers, siblings and general public. If I haven’t named just about anyone than let me be clear, anyone can be a bitch, but the goal isn’t to identify them, its how to deal with the bitches that you have to deal with….

Step one… Listen… Objectively 

The chance of the bitch at hand making logical sense is rare. Listen, take note and if you know this person, maybe you know why they are getting aggressive but maybe you don’t, just let them talk. A real bitch wants to be heard and commiserated. If you can’t stand the sound of their voice on the phone. You can put it down, chances are when you pick it up all you need to say is… “Uh huh”, “ok” or “right”. This bantering can go on for hours… The key is to wait for the right timing.

ALL bitches want to hear themselves talk.

You must listen to whatever it is this bitch wants to see happen, whether it’s a customer service issue or one that directly relates to you, listen until you get the point.

Once you understand the needs of the bitch. Wait to make your move.

Step two… Repeat back to them, the point.

The most important part of repeating the point is to do so in a neutral way so they don’t think you are being smart.  Note that they will be dramatic. They will effectively have a bitch tantrum because their goal is simply to get their way. They have no logic in their process but you do!

Once you have effectively told them you heard them, they will carry on. You must let them do this without getting even the slightest bit upset. You must show them zero consideration this is in another step.

Step three…Do not give into the Bologna. There will be a lot.

You must listen intently as though you actually care and if you do, then stop reading because you can only be sucked in now… If you are still using the “uh huh” “ok” “right” approach then you are on the right track.

Repeat the point again and then get to yours… Making sure to explain that you understand their frustration. If you can help them out, do it. If you can’t, then bluntly say “(bitches name) I understand (whatever the point is) but it can not be solved by me personally, you can either (give them choice a) or you can (give them choice b which is an exit from the conversation). ”

The bitch in question will have been check mated by you now.

Step Four… Drop the mic and walk away.

You will have to tell them that you can’t do anything about their problem at least a second time. However by the third strike, you have to be on your way out of the situation.

You either have to say firmly what the situation requires or, say “sorry about that there’s nothing more I can do”. Bye Felicia.


If you don’t exit and quickly this issue will escalate and you do not want to deal with that so disengage after making your final point, and see your way out of there if they won’t budge.

I have worked with the public long enough to know when you start the carousel of “woah is me”, you must stop. If you don’t take care to disengage when  you are first establishing the person you are dealing with is a bitch… Well….You may have already gone too far.

I assure you this method works. You just need to be careful about how you present yourself.

Make sure you practice your poker face and your concerned face and when you can no longer tolerate the bologna, just pause. You must keep your cool that is the only way you can outsmart a bitch. The bitch will always fill the akward silence so you can think clearly to outsmart them! And you will!

How to Make a Fabulous Garland 

First pick your theme.

Then here is a list of materials:

  1. Garland of any length
  2. White lights
  3. Colored plastic ornament balls in either 2 or 3 colors. These are cheap at Walmart
  4. You’ll need wire hooks for the ornaments.
  5. One color material (I used purple) sheer and and sparkly is ideal, you may need 3-5 yards but it depends on the length of your Garland so be mindful.
  6. Get a package of snowflakes or other “filler” type ornaments, make sure these are the opposite color of the material.
  7. You can use a sting of pearls or beads in lieu of the filler.

It was Christmas and I was sick of red, green and gold so I took matters into my own hands… Aka I went to wal -Mart and looked at colors.

I picked purple because it was different and I could pair it with either gold or silver for a clean freshing look.

I picked silver and purple for the stairs.

It’s so amazing how much better a garland looks when it’s full, so don’t be stingy with the ornaments.

Depending on the content of your garland, you may need to add string lights. So basically put up the Garland where you want it, add the lights after and then the fun begins.

**Oh make sure the lights work, you don’t want to get all fancy and then find out only half of the light actually light up.

Now balls, lots of them.  
Start by placing one color all over until you’ve used all the balls in one color.

Now place the other color equally throughout the garland.

Be careful not to use a lot in one are and leave another area blank, try to spread evenly, like frosting a cake.

Now you have 2 different colors and it looks ok… But now add your material…. The easiest way is to cut it into sections and weave it through in random places so it looks like one long weave but it’s not.

After the material is all in place and secured, add the snow flakes or other “filler” to the places which are slightly empty so that your garland has only slight patches of green.

Now plug in the lights and take some pictures, you little home maker you!

You can also use this concept for your tree, think of it like layers… And soon people will be asking you how to do it!