Buds: A TRUE love story.

Long ago in a far away land there lived a little girl who had a vcr and every Disney movie ever made. She knew then that she wanted a prince and wouldn’t be the damsel in distress, but she wanted to wear the dresses.

Fast forward after dating a few frogs that didn’t turn into prince charmings. It’s not easy finding love and true love nonetheless. True love is rare and I have seen a lot of friends and family members struggle on the course of life trying to find their copilot.

If ever there is a time to listen to your gut, it’s when you are two years into a relationship that sucks but you keep doing it anyway because it’s easier than breaking up and starting over.

Let’s just say that little voice in your head, the one that said “this isn’t going to work out” is always right. It’s not worth wasting your time if there is even a slight chance that there is no happily ever after in your future.

So when I met Joe, aka Prince Charming, I was not looking for a partner I wasn’t even looking for a friend at that point. I was just casually talking to him at work, and then all of a sudden we were on a date. (Actually that’s not true) I tricked him into the first date…

It was strange how easy it was to talk to him, he didn’t make me feel uncomfortable at all. I actually got so nervous getting ready for our first date I poked myself right in the eye and had a blood blister in that eye the whole night and next week, I looked like a crack head. I didn’t realize how easy it was to date someone….because all dates prior clearly weren’t prince charming.

It became very evident that he was the person that I had been looking for all my life. When you know, you know, and there aren’t any doubts. How do you know? Well, first of all, it’s easy. That’s the most important part. If it’s difficult to be with someone, and they make you feel anything but who you REALLY are, then it’s not “right”. People change and grow, of course, but you should never compromise your character, your values or your friends for a partner.

You never know how amazing love can be until you’ve found it.

People say you have to compromise, and you do a little. People say you will fight… Maybe, but not over petty issues, more like discussions. People say that you have to work at it, and you do… But you have to work on you not them. You can’t change people, but you can remind them who they started out as. Sometimes as life goes on people take each other for granted, knowing they will always be there, but that is what you DO NOT want to do. In fact, the only thing you need to do to is make sure that you appreciate the person you choose, and they appreciate you, and love is easy.

You have to be thoughtful, caring and understand of how your other person is feeling always, and so do they.  I can count on my beloved Joe to listen to me, after a bad day. To help me to solve life great problems, like what to wear when I’m feeling bloated. I can count on him answer the phone, anytime I call. I can be sure that he always has my back.

I am happy to be able to say I have a true best friend to go through life with who is everything I wanted from the time I was watching “The Little Mermaid” until when I solidified a retirement savings account. I know that I will have many more years of wonderful adventures and pure love. I am fortunate to have someone I can say this about. What I know for sure, is that many people struggle to find a partner in life. So many on looking for someone online,  or in real life, but when I found joe… I was working on myself. I wasn’t trying to find anything except to improve my character, and move forward in life. While I may not be perfect, and I certainly was NOT when I met Joe, what I do know, is that the love we have is perfect, and it’s because I knew myself, and so did he.

We know ourselves and so we value each other’s place in our own lives.


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Every Now and Then

Every day is something new. We change, embrace, create, repeat. We become more of what we are as we go! Staying inspired through life has kept things interesting for me. I grew up an old child of an intact marriage, in CT. Well yes, I guess that sounds perfect on paper, but it’s not, and nothing is. I originally started this blog as a DIY event page, which I quickly realized was not “it”... Then I realized I love designing spaces but what if I could do whatever I wanted as my job? Wow I’m such a millennial... so I just want what every girl wants, travel, love and freedom of speech. Well it’s basically a full spectrum of emotions, likes, inspirations and motivations. I assure you after reading my blog you will realize the bio is unnecessary... Look for inspiration and then create your own!

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