10 things to know when you start working in an office…


I’ll cut straight to the list…

1. Sick time is sick time for a reason. No you will not get in trouble for using your sick time when you are sick. Yes you should stay home instead of spreading your miserable germs around to all those innocent people here. If you are sick and coughing and sneezing all over the place, you are the reason that everyone else has to take sick time because you are selfish.  Yes this is harsh but no one likes a sick coworker getting their sickness all over… It’s rude.

2. Be tactful. Don’t tell the person who wants to know the truth the actual truth. You will make enemies quicker than high school with brutal honesty. Tell someone politely that they have something in their teeth, not by pointing and saying ” you have spinach in your teeth”. Instead, pull them aside and motion to the tooth and say “you have a little something”. Trust me, no one wants to be walking around with stuff in their teeth, but calling someone out in a crowd is embarrassing.  Emotional intelligence people.

3. Don’t be a kiss ass. No one likes a brown noser, a tattle tale or a teachers pet. No you are not proving yourself to your superior you are making enemies of people on your team. If you have the same interests as your boss, great. Keep it professional. It’s work. Volunteering is good to get your name out there. It’s important to do your best, but I assure you buying coffee for your boss every day isn’t going to get you far, only stepped on.

4. Keep your personal life personal. You don’t need to talk about your boyfriend drama, your family drama or any drama for that matter. If you disclose too much, you will soon find that people don’t care about you, they are simply nosey. People don’t want to hear about the problems you have in your life, they have their own. The best thing you can do it start by telling them about your weekend and quickly turn the conversation to them, they want to talk about themselves anyway. The person here is that aquaintence you say hi to everyday who you don’t talk to outside of work at all. Sure you can disclose information to people who have gained your trust but be careful because that’s a fine line. Bottom line: don’t broadcast your life drama show, it’s not cute.

5. Do add flare to your work and cubical. It’s important to show a little bit of yourself. Put up a cute calendar, a few photos and add one or two details. Don’t put your entire collection of minions on display… It’s fine if you do but… Don’t. If you keep a bunch of strange old bottles of Snapple or a collection of every card you’ve gotten from a coworker or friend on your wall, it’s too much. Keep it clean and keep it simple and remember this is not your home, it’s your office space. It should be a productive space and not a hoarders lair. Bonus- keeping a clean and organized work space will make you more productive. Your cubicle should reflect you, just enough.

6. Pull your weight. Don’t be that guy.. You know the one, the guy that volunteers for everything and can’t even finish his emails properly. The guy that’s always m.i.a and everyone has to make up for their slacker behavior. Do your job and you will be recognized. If you can be counted on, that will speak for itself. If you are a social butterfly but you have no trace of competence in your work, then this is it for you, get comfortable because there aren’t any promotions in your future. Just make sure you do enough so that the people on your team aren’t making up for you, and you aren’t making excuses for your shoddy performance.

7. Be nice, but don’t flirt with your married coworker it’s not cool. If you are polite and nice you will be fine. No, having drinks outside of work isn’t okay either. Don’t be a home wrecker, and don’t sully your reputation by surrounding yourself with inappropriate company. You are an adult. Act accordingly. Don’t seek unnecessary attention, there are plenty of venues for that outside of the office. Come to work and keep your flings outside of it. (Obviously, I didn’t take this advice with joe but… to be fair I did keep it polite and work appropriate in the office)

8. If you don’t know, just ask. Yes there is such a thing as a stupid question but if you have read the instructions, and you still don’t get it, don’t just do it and hope for the best. Ask. This is so important. You will save so much face if you get it right the first time. If you go in blind and fail you will set yourself up for an excuse and no one likes excuses. People aren’t perfect and mistakes happen but if you can avoid a mistake by swallowing your pride, do it. Just ask!

9. Think before you speak. This was such an important lesson for me. If you think before you speak you will be miles ahead of the game. Don’t blurt out the first thing on your mind during the meeting. Don’t send back an email without proof reading it. Do think about people’s reactions and do think about how you should deliver the message. Communication is tricky and especially in the work place because one misconstrued word you might be sitting in the office with HR. So just do yourself a favor and think first!

10. Be yourself. Be honest but careful. If you are phony people won’t like you. You have to be yourself and do your best. You will do great! Show up, be nice, don’t pick your nose, bake if you like baking, be friendly or funny or whatever you are because you are a peice of the puzzle. Without you the office would lack something. Your presence is important but only if you make the best of it. Just smile and nod if you can’t do anything else. If you are the quiet one be the quiet one. Don’t compromise your personality for the rest of them but be mindful and respectful. Everyone is different and comes from different history or background, so add to it with good conversation and little peices of yourself and you will go far. Try not to be negative, it’s never good.

Good luck… and just be you, you’re the best!

For more like this check out:The Law of “Fake it til you Make it” covers a good bit of  how to get the job done without fully knowing what the hell you’re doing…


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